Shelby Bell

First Impressions

It doesn’t seem to me as though Shelby Bell is your average teenage babe. First off, she has her very own website where she gets nude, so that’s a bit of a difference. But even among her compatriots on the web she stands out. Her beauty is second to none and her body is absolutely amazing, but it’s the action that she shows on the tour pages that has me the most intrigued. It appears as though the lovely Shelby is going to be having quite a lot of lesbian sex within the walls of her site, which I personally can’t wait to see.

Hot Promises

Every site is full of promises about the riches that lie within, but ShelbyBell actually goes to the length of showing you previews from every piece of content in the member’s area. Suffice it to say there’s an awful lot of lesbian sex going on. Shelby fucks her friends with strap-on cocks, licks lots of pussy, and also enjoys some solo time; and that’s just the video clips. In her picture galleries she goes solo quite a bit more, but she’s awfully fond of lingerie so that should be fun as well. Shelby also promises live cam shows, but I have a feeling she won’t be coming through with those.


The member’s landing page is a pretty simple affair. It features previews from the two latest picture and video galleries, an excerpt from her latest diary entry, and a poll aimed at improving the overall member’s experience. Other than the page is empty and you’re free to use the navigation options to find your way through the site. As always, my first instinct was to visit the pictures pages and so off I went.

Shelby has 49 image galleries within her member’s area, each of which features 50-125 pictures. As I mentioned, she’s quite fond of lingerie and it graces her luscious body in a great many of her photo galleries. I always love when a teen model decides to sex things up a little bit – sometimes I get tired of the constant pursuit of cuteness – and Shelby does a wonderful job of that.

She has several luscious lingerie sets that hug the curves of her body before hitting the floor to give her easier access to her tight snatch. There are a few picture galleries where Shelby appears with another chick, but the vast majority feature her posing solo. There are also two hardcore galleries thrown in the mix featuring Shelby and a guy going at it. They feel a little out of place for some reason, like a teen babe shouldn’t be doing such staid and static hardcore sets.

Shelby has 30 video sets within her member’s area, and there’s not a boring minute among them. You’ll see lots of pussy eating and strap-on fucking, a few solo sets where she fucks herself with a toy, and some amazing hardcore sex between Shelby and her male friends. I was most surprised to see the hardcore fucking, since it wasn’t really alluded to in the tour. What a delightful surprise though to find Shelby enjoying a hot cock pistoning in and out of her pussy and sucking down a load of cum.

The videos are loaded with options for downloading and viewing. Each comes in a high speed or low speed version. The low speed versions are really only appropriate for those of you with a dialup connection; everyone else should download the high speed versions, especially since they’re broken up into multiple parts, each coming in at 26mb. Downloading is simple and the server speeds are good, so you should be operating at maximum capacity. Each video set also comes with a screencap gallery to help guide your viewing decisions.

The biggest difficulty I have with ShelbyBell is that it’s no longer updated. They’re not shooting fresh content and they’re not adding fresh content. There’s a diary that Shelby was supposed to keep, but she only ever did 10 entries and it hasn’t been updated in more than three years. In addition, the live shows that are mentioned in the tour aren’t alluded to at all in the member’s area. The update problem is solved, at least for most people, by the addition of 45 bonus sites to your membership. Across all the sites there are 6,500 video clips and 850 picture galleries. It’s really more content than most people could consume, so you’re getting a great deal.

Before I go, I’d like to point you to a few content sets in case you decide to spend your hard earned money. The first is a picture gallery aptly titled “Me in Leather.” In it Shelby is wearing a low cut black leather halter top, leather chaps, leather panties, and a leather choker. She’s sitting on a motorcycle and it’s one of the finest picture galleries I’ve ever seen. There’s also a great video clip titled “Hide and Seek” in which Shelby and a lesbian friend hookup for a hot scene. Shelby spends a great deal of time eating pussy in this clip and I couldn’t get enough.

Croco’s Opinion

Every teen babe site is built upon the model that stars in the content, and in that regards ShelbyBell is one of the best. Shelby is as hot as they come with a perfect body, a beautiful face, and a sky high sex drive. She frequently enjoys a good hardcore fucking, eats an awful lot of pussy, and goes solo for an orgasm every so often. It’s a high quality site that gets even better when you consider the amazing amount of bonus content thrown in.


Making your way through the site couldn’t be any easier. Finding the picture and video sets is simple, and once you’ve found them browsing through the content is a breeze. Everything is intuitive and they provide plenty of information.

Pricing Policy

You can subscribe to a 3 day trial for $2.95, which then renews at $29.95 a month. You can also subscribe outright for 30 days at the $29.95 a month price, or subscribe for 90 days at a bargain price of $59.95. Payments are taken by credit card or check.

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